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Company takeover
of TANNER Translations GmbH+Co

On 1 May 2020, TANNER Translations GmbH+Co from Düsseldorf was successfully integrated into RKT Übersetzungs- und Dokumentations-GmbH.

Lothar Teufel, Branch Manager and authorised signatory of RKT Übersetzungs- und Dokumentations-GmbH, spoke very positively of the takeover: ‘We are happy to welcome the TANNER team, which is already successfully established on the market, to RKT! The office in Düsseldorf will become another RKT site and all knowledge carriers will remain on board.’

The site in Düsseldorf, which currently has four employees, including one in Spain, will remain open; cooperation with the freelancers and partners of the TANNER team will of course continue.

The takeover by RKT is certainly the best solution for the former Managing Directors of TANNER Translations GmbH+Co, Kerstin Hauke and Gabriele Krullmann: ‘The takeover is an opportunity for us to rejuvenate and we are looking to the future with optimism as a strong translation services provider.’ They both bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to the project management team.

The previous business activities and ongoing projects of TANNER Translations will continue in full. Future projects will be conducted using the PLUNET Business & Management System, which will optimise workflows and order processing. Both customers and the newly acquired employees will benefit in future from a smooth and efficient workflow with the highest security standards. The PLUNET customer portal, which customers have the option of using, also offers transparency and easy project processing.

The takeover of TANNER Translations enlarges not just RKT, but also our GE|tra|Net| network, which currently unites 13 specialised translation agencies under one roof. RKT has been among the leading translation service providers for certified technical translations in Southwest Germany for over 30 years and has been a subsidiary of the ever-expanding German Translation Network AG from Freiburg since 2018.